Democrat Senate candidate in Arizona makes up hard scrabble background

Thomas Lifson:
Oops! Arizona Dem Senate candidate Krysten Sinema caught lying about her past

... In a campaign video, she tugged at heartstrings, claiming (via the Daily Caller):

"First we lost our car, then we lost our home," Sinema says in an ad. "For nearly three years, we lived in an old abandoned gas station without running water or electricity. Sometimes we didn't have enough food to eat, but we got by, thanks to help from family, church and sometimes even the government. Those were tough times, but I knew it could be different. I never believed that being homeless was going to stop me from being who I wanted to be."

Just one little problem, as the Daily Caller notes:

[C]ourt documents obtained by TheNYT reveal that Sinema's mother and stepfather had provided a judge with records detailing monthly payments they made for electricity, phone and gas bills during that time.
She had no explanation for her false statements.   She is running against Republican Martha McSally whose was the nations first female fighter pilot to fly in combat.


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