The Democrats and their lynch mob

George Parry:
... Don’t they understand that the paradigm has shifted and that Ford’s sketchy allegations of non-consensual teenage groping by Kavanaugh must be believed and that the burden is on Kavanaugh to somehow clear his name? Based on that premise, of course Kavanaugh should go first. Since he has been accused by a woman, it’s up to him to explain himself without knowing any of the pesky details such as the exact what, when, and where of his alleged actions.

Those are today’s rules. The old system under which a female accuser had the burden of proof was a product of the oppressive patriarchy. Under the new, improved, much more efficient justice system, a woman’s accusation alone should be enough after which it is up to the squirming male worm to try to wriggle his way out it. Why? Because all women tell the truth all the time and all men are pigs and must be destroyed.

Unless, of course, the accused male is a progressive Democrat.
Democrats have such a rabid desire to kill babies in the womb that they also want to kill the reputation of anyone who might disagree with them.  If you are a Democrat who supports abortion you get a pass when it comes to abusing women.


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