Special counsel needed to investigate the bureaucratic coup attempt against Trump

Washington Post:

Graham: Appoint special counsel to probe ‘bureaucratic coup’ against Trump

The Republican senator didn’t call for the firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein but blamed others in the department who he said have “tried to destroy this president.”
The McCabe memos which have been withheld from Congress but leaked to the media point toward an effort of high ranking FBI officials and others to remove the President.  It has been evident for some time that such an effort was underway and we now have smoking gun memos to prove it.  We also will probably find evidence of media collusion with the plotters to weave a false narrative against the President.   If the media still has some smart people in it they better start distancing themselves from this coup attempt.

Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte has indicated he is prepared to issue subpoenas for the missing memos that were recently leaked.


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