Iraqis protesting against Iran find terrorists 'passports to paradise' in overrun consulate

Hassan Mahmoudi:
On Sept. 6 and 7, protesters in the southern Iraqi city of Basra took to the streets to protest against government corruption and its failure to provide basic services. These protesters also stormed Iran's consulate in Iraqi Basra, tearing down the Iranian flag and putting up an Iraqi flag in its place. In addition, they burned Iranian flags and pictures of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the streets while chanting, "Iran out, out!"

Here is a link to an Associated Press photo showing how bad it was: protesters trampling a portrait of Iran's Khamenei during the storming and burning of the Iranian consulate in Basra, southeast of Baghdad, last week.

According to a report, the protesters, who overran the consulate, made an interesting discovery: "[p]assports to paradise" or "divine insurance" inside the Iranian consulate in Basra. These were passports used for terrorist activities.
For the Iranian regime, these passports to Heaven, are a must-have tool to inspire terrorists to do terrorist activities. The passports in this case allow terrorists to travel. It's not the only time they have used such tokens for the promise of heaven. With the same method but in a different model in the 1980s, during the eight years of the bloody Iran-Iraq war, they used other objects.
This is coming from the same government who whined at the UN about Trump's policies and a potential regime change.  It is interesting how their actions belie their own words.


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