The Democrats have exercised bad faith in their use of Dr. Ford to attack Kavanaugh

Washington Times:
President Trump accused Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Democrats on Friday of “very purposefully” waiting to release allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh in order to derail his nomination.

The president demanded that Congress “take the vote” on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination whether or not Christine Blasey Ford testifies to Congress.

Mr. Trump’s tweet comes just a day after Senate Democrats pressed him to order an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh.
The Democrats' move has been a series of bad faith attempts to delay and stall a vote.  If they were serious about wanting an investigation, They would have taken Ford.s letter to the FBI when they got it instead of sitting on it until after the hearings were complete. 

Let me be clear, I do not think young women should be held downed and groped.  But I also do not think parents are acting responsibly who allow teenagers to engage in drunken parties or parties for which there is no adult supervision.  When high school teens are allowed to act like fraternity party animals it is not surprising that something, like was alleged could have happened.

But those calling this a rape are doing a disservice to real rape victims. 

Early in my legal career, I had to wait for a pretrial hearing with a judge in Dallas while he wrapped up a rape trial.  The victim of this rape was a pretty black woman who was assaulted in a laundry mat while washing her laundry.  She was brutally raped both vaginally and anally.  The Prosecutor who was a white man treated her with respect and dignity and pointed out the brutality of the assault in a way that clearly moved the jury to convict.  This woman did not wait to report the attack and she got justice for her efforts.

Several years later the sister of my best friend in law school was brutally raped and her face was beaten to a pulp in her own home.  She did not wait to notify the police or seek medical help.  She was a beautiful woman attacked, beaten and raped in her home.  This is the real ugliness of this crime.

Personally, I have never understood what made some men want to grope strangers.  I recall being in the front of a crowded elevator in downtown Houston one time when I heard a woman in the back yell.  Apparently, some old guy pinched her bottom.  It was an ugly and crude thing to do.  I am pretty sure no police were called because of this behavior.  I have heard other women complain of being groped.  It is a bad thing, but it is not in the same category as rape and those who claim it is are just using the victim for their own political purposes.


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