George W. Bush is rounding up votes for Kavanaugh's confirmation

Erick Erickson:
Republican Senators think they not only have enough Republican votes to confirm Kavanaugh, but think they have Democrat votes as well. A senior Republican Senator confirms to me that former President George W. Bush has been whipping votes for Kavanaugh over the past few days and has been able to help where President Trump could not.

Likewise, I am told Rachel Mitchell has been quite persuasive with Republican Senators. Her line of questioning confirmed to several of the Republicans that the Ford accusation was a carefully scripted and rolled out Democrat operation to assassinate Kavanaugh's character. Her line of questioning made a few wavering Republicans realize it would only get worse if they abandoned him. Additionally, after the hearing was over, Mitchell told Republican Senators that in her professional judgment she could not only not prosecute Kavanaugh for what he was accused of, but also could not even get a warrant.

Mitchell's presence and line of questioning reassured Republicans and confirmed they have to move forward or see future nominees suffer even worse. President Bush also made a persuasive case that he knows Kavanaugh and knows that Kavanaugh is not the man the Democrats have portrayed.
I think Lindsay Graham reflected the anger of the GOP base in his outburst against the Democrats and any Republican Senator who hopes to have a future in the party better get in line behind Graham and support Kavanaugh.

I was not as impressed with Mitchell as Erickson, but she did thwart the Democrats desire to use the hearing to denigrate "old white men" asking questions of "the survivor."  But make no mistake, It was Graham who stiffened the backbone of wavering Republicans.  I am also glad to see George Bush support his former staffer.


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