Why the fight over the court has gotten so ugly

Steve Berman:
Neither Ford, nor Kavanaugh, and especially Kavanaugh's wife deserve to be hunted by evil people bent on having their political will expressed through violence.

We've already seen what political invective can do on the left: Rep. Steve Scalise and the Family Research Council "Chick-Fil-A shooting" have proved this. When someone like Ford can't make an accusation--political as it may be--without fearing for her life, and Kavanaugh's wife and family practically need to go into protective custody, that's a sign that our political climate has become too toxic.

There's only one issue capable of generating such poison. I would be willing to bet every penny I own that Ford is vehemently pro-choice (this is a matter of fact not opinion). This is simply the latest flashpoint in the culture war over people who believe unborn infants deserve the same protections as other human beings who have been born, versus those who cherish the "right" to kill them.
I can remember when Liberals thought it was wrong to demonstrate outside an abortion clinic, but now they are being much uglier to people they disagree with.  They may not think it is evil to kill babies in the womb, but have they decided that it is also not evil to kill those who disagree with them on the issue who are already born?


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