The FBI will have to do the same back ground checks on the accusers they have already done on Kavanaugh

Stacey Lennox:
They have asked the FBI to do the same social colonscopy of Dr. Ford and the other accusers that they have done of Brett Kavanaugh six times. Dr. Ford, a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, will be subject to personal questions about her marital therapy in far more detail than the Committee did. If she did in fact give her treatment records to the Washington Post, she has essentially waived confidentiality and the content will be assessed.

Let's remember she also made academic performance an issue related to her trauma. Her college years may be put up to scrutiny next. And anyone and everyone who ever knew her who may have an ax to grind will come out of the woodwork. Let's never forget, only Democrats had her letter. The denials from Feinstein's office ring very hollow.

Ms. Swetnick, who I honestly view as a tool of the #CreepyPornLawyer at this point, is going to have her entire social history looked out. From the brief glimpse's I have seen on-line, that is going to be exceedingly ugly. Yet in her zeal, Senator Feinstein brought this woman's name up more that six times in the hearing. Any ugliness, falls squarely on Feinstein and her caucus if they demand that piece of absolute fiction be pursued.

Ms. Ramirez essentially debunked herself according to The New York Times. But the FBI will be looking into her behavior in college now if Democrats insist her allegations are taken seriously. Object Lesson: Six days of "reviewing your memory" with activist lawyers and members of the Democrat congressional staff is not advisable unless you want your world explored.

But let's also not forget. The Democrats are relentlessly pursuing private citizens caught up in all of this. Pursuing people who have already given sworn statements under penalty of perjury. Perhaps encompassing "beach friends", the boy Ms. Ford "went out" with at 15 and others.

Leland Keyser, who Ms. Ford has indicated has health issues, will have FBI agents at her door. Mark Judge, who freely admits through his writing that he was a blackout alcoholic in high school, will be questioned by agents. P.J. Smith will also be asked to speak again on the record. All three of these private citizens with nothing to offer have been dragged into this and will continue to be in the public eye.

For what? To get the exact same information that was already collected by the Judiciary Committee investigators. Do we honestly believe that any new information about a phantom gathering that no one can recall is going to surface? Of course not.
Democrats will then complain about the investigation.  Their bad faith in this nomination remains palpable.  Their lust to smear remains insatiable.


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