While liberals were resisting, Trump was doing a good job

Russ McSwain:
Trump-supporters had the stronger case. Their man's specific business skill is as a marvelous negotiator. There is no doubt that he is ruthless and relentless in his willingness to leverage American power. America has desired outcomes all over the world. Trump has proven to be the best available agent to achieve those outcomes. Here are a few examples:

1. The already mentioned trade concessions from people previously all too happy to take advantage of previous administration weakness.

2. Getting our allies to carry a heavier load. Most NATO nations are now meeting their obligations for defense spending. Middle Eastern countries are moving more aggressively to counter terrorism and to stand against Iran.

3. Russia is no longer buzzing our planes and ships and otherwise testing our troops or our border.

4. North Korea has agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons and missiles. It has agreed to talks and to accept a peaceful end of the Korean War, rather than just the prevailing ceasefire. It is true that the North Korean nuclear test site may no longer be usable. For those who think that if Obama were still president, Kim Jong-un would not merely test above ground or even use aerial testing, I repeat my longstanding offer to sell some of my Florida orange groves. They are wonderfully green.

No one needs advice to understand the value of these achievements. It took Trump to make them a reality.

Trump moves in mysterious ways. Some of his moves are likely to fail, but some of even the oddest of them work. When he was still head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo made it clear that Trump's tweets affect our adversaries. Measurable favorable behavioral changes were observed by our intelligence community. Sometimes there is a method to apparent madness.
By any fair measure, these accomplishments are significant and all the more so because they happened despite the resistance of liberals at every turn.  They have distracted themselves with their coup attempt but Trump is relentless in winning.


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