Texas law requires counties to remove non-citizens from the voting rolls

Texas Senator Pushes Removal of ‘Noncitizens’ from Voter Rolls

He questioned Warren and Pippins-Poole if the county was acting in compliance with state law and election codes that call for “monthly compilation of a list of noncitizens registered to vote” as well as the cancellation of illegal voters. Huffines asked how many voters they removed for noncitizenship over the past decade and if any of the registrants voted illegally in federal, state, and/or local elections. He even inquired as to which elections these noncitizens voted. Lastly, he queried elections officials if they reported this “illegal conduct” to the Dallas County District Attorney or the Texas Attorney General’s offices.
The letter also referenced a four-county survey conducted by the Office of the Attorney General, revealing 165 “unlawfully registered noncitizen voters” were removed from the voter rolls but prior to identifying themselves as noncitizens at jury duty, this group of 165 cast 100 illegal votes in Texas elections.
Anyone who self-identifies as a non-citizen should be immediately removed from the voting rolls and investigated for illegal voting.  It really should not be that hard.


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