Anti-gun extremists suspend boy for learning gun safety

Erick Erickson:
A father taught his son how to properly and safely handle a gun. Now the son's school is suspending him because of it.

Ken Bone is the guy who went viral during the Presidential debate asking the candidates a question. He posted on social media that he was teaching his son gun safety. The picture showed him with his son at a firing range where his son was getting instructions on safely handling a fire arm.

According to Mr. Bone, his son has been suspended from school "pending a police investigation" because he was learning how to shoot a gun. This is just irrationally insane.
It is hard to comprehend how wrong the school is.  Fathers have been teaching their children the proper handling of firearms for hundreds of years.   This has to be based on the irrational assumption that boys who know the proper handling of firearms will become homicidal maniacs.  That is just nuts.


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