Cuba's new leaders is as ignorant of economic realities as any other communist

NY Times:

Cubans Doubt a Change at the Top Will Trickle Down

On the streets of Havana, the passing of power out of the hands of the Castro family was met with a collective sense of apathy.
It is hard to imagine after decades of ruinous communist rule anyone would still have faith in such a disastrous economy model, but Cuba is not alone in that delusion.  Many in US academia hold that same view of a system that has failed everywhere it has been tried. 

At its heart communism is a system with few if any incentives to increase production other than negative ones.  It is like slavery in that regard. 

The result is increased poverty and a need for control freaks to manage "markets" that lead to the kind of disasters seen in Cuba and Venezuela.  Why any sentient human being could look at that and say that is what they want is a mystery.  It only works for a few corrupt individuals at the top.


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