New Marine landing craft for amphibious operations launched

Warrior Maven:

The Navy’s first newly built Ship-to-Shore Connector maritime warfare craft has launched on the water, introducing a new era in modern amphibious warfare for the Marines.

The new Navy craft brings an unprecedented ability to transport larger armored vehicles, such as an Abrams tank, from amphibious assault ships to combat ashore.

The new SSCs are designed to replace the existing fleet of Landing Craft Air Cushions (LCAC) able to move Marines, weapons and supplies from ship to shore for amphibious operations. The connectors will integrate emerging computer technology able to reduce the needed crew size and perform more functions independently.
There is more.

The ability to bring Abrams tanks to the landing party is not a small thing.  It is the kind of thing that can turn a battle for the beachhead.  Surviving the move from the ship to the shore is not a given in today's warfare.  It will require suppressing enemy fire during the movement.


  1. My uncle brought troops ashore on D-Day he only talked about it once. Not for me...he said the most of first wave never made it ashore.


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