Obstruction of justice at the DOJ?

Patrick Howley:
It Appears Sally Yates Ordered McCabe To Shut Down The Clinton Foundation Case

Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that it appears former Obama deputy attorney general Sally Yates was the one who ordered former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe to shut down the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Inspector general Michael Horowitz wrote a criminal referral against McCabe, which was reported Thursday. Horowitz’s report also detailed a DOJ official (possibly Yates) who pressured McCabe to shut down the Hillary email probe.

Here’s an excerpt from the IG report: “McCabe told the OIG that on August 12, 2016, he received a telephone call from PADAG [Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General] regarding the FBI’s handling of the CF Investigation (the “PADAG call”).

Limbaugh said that the PADAG at that time was Sally Yates, who became a heroine to the Resistance for defying President Donald Trump before her exit.
McCabe said at the time he thought it was "a validly predicated investigation."  This looks like another example of the Obama administration putting their thumb on the scales to protect the Democrat candidate for President.


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