Hamas seems eager for more casualties as it urges people to charge Israel's border defenses

NY Times:

As Gazans Charge Fence, Israeli Troops Wound Hundreds

Urged on by a Hamas leader, hundreds of Palestinian protesters tried to breach the fence between Gaza and Israel. Israeli troops opened fire, killing at least 3.
I think Hamas is using casualties as a political weapon against Israel and is eager to build up a body count in their operation.  There is nothing too cynical for the Islamic religious bigots of Hamas.  It would be easy to avoid casualties by not attacking the border defenses  The Israelis have no interest in going into Gaza and inflicting casualties. 

It is a further example of the misrule of Palestinians within Gaza.  They have blown every opportunity for a better life with their futile attempts to destroy Israel.  Even when they lose a war that they start they use aid money meant for rebuilding to dig tunnels and make new preparations for the next war.  The US should cut off all funding for these "refugees."  It should also cut off funding for UNRA and its teaching of hate.


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