Van driver that killed 10 pedestrians in Canada mimics Islamic terrorist attack MO using rented trucks

Washington Post:
Van plows into pedestrians in Toronto, injuring several. Police say the driver is in custody.

Authorities said it was unclear whether the driver had deliberately targeted the pedestrians.
Whether it is unclear to the police, it looks like the driver who was described as Middle Eastern looking did an imitation of Islamic terrorist attacks that started in Israel and have been done in Europe and the UK.   They either steal or rent the heaviest trucks they can get their hands on and deliberate drive into pedestrians.  Ten of the people struck by the van driver died.


  1. The new Trend in Canada, EU, UK is to portray such individuals as mentally ill, claim that they have "No Known connections" to Militant groups.' Trudeau opened the door to returning Jihadist from Syria...this is right out of the Al Qaeda, ISIS playbook i.e. Nice, Germany etc.


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