Did any violence caused by Facebook post come from conservatives? Probably not.

NY Times:

Where Facebook Rumors Fuel a Thirst for Revenge

For months, Times reporters tracked riots and lynchings around the world linked to misinformation and hate speech on Facebook.
None of these crimes appear to be stimulated by conservative posts on Facebook yet conservatives have born the brunt of Facebook censorship.  When Facebook "determines" that Diamond and Silk, two black Trump supporters are a danger to the community because of their support for the President, it suggests there are liberal snowflakes in charge of restricting the content.

It also reminds me of an odd response Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave when being questioned by Ted Cruz at a Senate hearing.  The question was whether Zuckerberg new whether his employees were liberal or conservative.  Zuckerberg said he did not. 

But if he did not know it had to be based on willful ignorance if those employees actual post material on Facebook like he does because Facebook actually labels users on a scale from very liberal to very conservative.  That is part of the data it gathers based on posts and likes and dislikes of the user. 

All Zuckerberg would have to do is a data search of his employee's Facebook activity and he could find out immediately the political position of virtually every employee who used the system.


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