Military develops a weapon to stop vehicle attacks on pedestrian

Defense One:
The Pentagon Is Making a Ray Gun to Stop Truck Attacks

A device that resembles an old phonograph may soon be used to jam and shut down vehicles like the one that killed 10 people in Toronto.

The van driver who killed 10 Toronto pedestrians on Monday showed that a terror technique that ISIS pioneered in Iraq and Syria in 2015 remains terrifyingly effective against unsuspecting urban populations. But the U.S. military is working on a new weapon to stop vehicle-born terrorist threats, one that could help police departments as well.
You can see a photo of the device at the link above.  It looks like a potential must have weapon for large police departments to deal with terrorism.   Hopefully, it will stop homicidal drivers.


  1. I have told people for year police in the future would have a way of short circuiting the computer chips, in the control module forcing the car to come to a stop


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