North Korea appears to agree with terms Trump has pushed from the beginning

NY Times:

Kim Says He’ll Give Up Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Won’t Invade

  • South Korean officials said Kim Jong-un had told them that he would abandon his nuclear weapons if Washington ended the Korean War and promised nonaggression.
  • The details of the talks came as many have expressed skepticism about the friendly gestures made by the North Korean leader.
This is exactly the terms Trump has offered.  It is an outcome that most liberals in the US never dreamed could be achieved by the Trump administration.  How we can be assured of this outcome is yet to be explained, but at least we seem to be on the same page as to the end game.   It is interesting that the lead story in the NY Times does not even mention Trump on its lead.  However, his accomplishments here are hard to ignore.

Hard but not impossible as this "analysis" attempts to show:

Trump’s Bargaining Chips Slip Away as Koreas Talk Peace

The overtures between North and South Korea will inevitably erode crippling economic sanctions and make it harder for President Trump to threaten military action.
I am not buying this.  The sanctions will likely stay until the nukes are gone.  This might be hard for a softy like Obama, but I think Trump can pull it off.


  1. There are credible reports that North Korea will be bankrupt within the next three months, if the sanctions continue. Fat Boy-un spent the slush money his father Kim Jung-lll left him. He cannot afford to keep the North Korean, elite, Military leaders in the western style they have been accustomed too. China has his nephew waiting in the wings.


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