I have never heard a Trump voter say they are worried about privilege, but someone thinks that is why they voted for him

NY Times:

Economic Anxiety Is Not Root of Trump Support, Study Says

A study suggests that the white Christian and male voters who supported Donald J. Trump were driven by concerns over privilege.
I think this study has got it all wrong.  Trump voters don't like Democrat politicians and Democrat policies.

They do not like control freak regulations.  They do not like Democrats embrace of deviancy.  They do not like Democrat high taxes.  They do not like Democrats rejection of the rule of law on immigration and other issues.  They do not like Democrats embrace of policies that restrict the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution. None of those things meet my definition of privilege.

I think "white privilege" is a racist concept to denigrate achievement by successful whites.  It is as racist as saying the NBA is about black privilege.  Achievement in both areas is a matter of desire and willingness to work hard to achieve goals.  Privilege has nothing to do with it.


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