Comey's lack of knowledge about those responsible for dirty dossier is astounding

This interview by Bret Baier is revealing in just how little Comey knew about the dossier and those responsible for it.  For example, he is still pushing the false story that the Republicans started the dossier when in fact they had nothing to do with it.

Baier also exposed how Comey exonerated Clinton despite her lies.  Newsbusters has a long report on the interview too.

Questions are also being raised about Comey's stories about his self-serving memos some of which were later discussed in a New York Times story after his "friend/attorney" talked to the reporter.

Rush Limbaugh also weighs in on the Comey interview.
Everybody involved — the media doing the reporting, FBI leaders, CIA leaders, Director of National Intelligence people. They all knew that there wasn’t a shred of truth in this. Even the whole idea that they’re gonna try to verify it and corroborate it is BS! It was written as a political opposition document. It is not intelligence. Furthermore, what does intelligence have to do with the so-called criminal investigation? Oh, wait, this isn’t a criminal investigation. It’s a counterintelligence investigation, which permits all kinds of expansive opportunities to include oddball evidence.

There was never any attempt to corroborate this. There’s nobody to corroborate it! The stuff in this is made up. There might be some elements in it that are fairly close, like such-and-such was in Belgrade on such-and-such a date. I mean, Steele made sure to include some things in here that could plausibly have happened or could be discovered to have happened in order to give credibility to other elements such as the pee tape. But everybody involved knew there’s nothing to corroborate here because it’s a work of fiction!


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