GOP again shows more enthusiasm for fund raising in 2018

The Hill:
RNC raises record $13.9 million in March

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Friday that it raised $13.9 million in March, setting an RNC record for that month during a non-presidential election year.

The RNC’s March haul, which was obtained first by The Hill, brings the committee’s first-quarter fundraising to $39 million and boosts its total fundraising for the 2018 cycle to $171.6 million.

The RNC ends March with $42.9 million cash on hand, with no debt reported.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has yet to release its March fundraising numbers. The RNC has outpaced its Democratic counterpart for at least 11 consecutive months. The DNC ended February with just $10 million.
While Democrats are said to have more enthusiasm in 2018, it is not reflected in party donations although they are doing well in a few individual races.

Some Republicans think that the Democrat suit against everyone over 2016 election is mainly a fundraising ploy.


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