Are some students more compliant than others?

Washington Post:
Racial disparities in school discipline are growing, federal data show

The findings — that black students faced greater rates of suspension, expulsion and arrest than their white classmates — come as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is considering curbing her department’s role in investigating racial disparities in discipline.
This is an invidious comparison because it leaves out the most important element.   What was the conduct that led to the discipline?  If the white students are committing the same acts then there is a problem  If they are not, then the problem has nothing to do with race, but is about actions taken by the students who are disciplined.

Rather than focus on race, I suggest they focus on whether there is a father in the home.  I suspect that the kids with the lack of fathers are more likely to have discipline problems.  If that is the case the root problem is not race.

There is also the question of academic fraud in the education system that allows students who fail to graduate.  You do a black kids no favor when you just give them the illusion of learning needed skills.


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