Dissidents inside Iran support US and allied airstrikes against Syria

American Thinker:
The U.S., U.K., and French air strikes also escalated the internal situation in Iran to further destabilize the Iranian regime, uniting the different factions of society in Iran.

According to the leading opposition group to the regime, the National Council of Resistance in Iran:
On April 17, 2018, thousands of people in the city of Kazerun demonstrated for the second day running in the city's main square. The merchants refused to open their shops. The protesters were chanting, "Our enemy is right here, but they keep saying it is America," "No fear, we are all together," "the movement will continue until we obtain our rights," "The protests, in which women played an active role, led to clashes with the security forces as the protesters tried to enter the Governor's Office.
In another development, on April 16, the families of those detained during the April demonstrations in Ahvaz staged a protest outside the governor's office and the office of the Majlis deputy from the city. The security forces attempted to disperse the crowd through intimidation. During the protests by the people of Ahvaz and other cities in Khuzestan Province, hundreds of people, including 11- to 15-year-old children, were arrested, and their fate is unknown....
 There is more.

Merchants in some cities went on strike against the Mullah's government. 

The dissent among the people has not slowed the Mullah's intentions to use Syria as a jumping off point for attacking Israel.  In fact, they are intensifying their efforts.


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