Hamas leadership has left Gaza with a lose-lose attitude

NY Times:

For Gazan at Fence, Living or Dying Is
‘the Same Thing’

More than a decade of deprivation and desperation has led thousands of young Gazans to throw themselves into a bloody protest against Israel. Here’s a look at how one man ended up there.
Hamas seems frustrated by the Israelis refusal to allow them to remove all Jews from Israel as called for in their charter.  They keep provoking conflicts in which they lose and use it as justification for the next conflict they provoke.   They can't accept Israel or the Jews and therefore they are condemned to engage in one futile gesture after another.  I have zero empathy for Hamas leaders and little for those who continue to support them.

Here is an idea for improving their lot.  Accept the reality of Israel and try to get along with the Israelis.  It just might work.  After all, it has worked for Egypt and Jordan.


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