Not all Democrats on board with Democrat suit about the 2016 election

Daily Caller:
The Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against the Trump campaign in relation to the 2016 election has caused some Democrats and their donors to say the strategy is wrong-headed.

The DNC filed their lawsuit Friday alleging Trump’s campaign, WikiLeaks, and the Russian government conspired together in the 2016 presidential election to make public DNC emails.

When asked by PBS’ Judy Woodruff why Democrats are filing the lawsuit, Chairman Perez responded, “We don’t know when Director Mueller will finish his investigation. And he should take all the time he needs to do a thorough job. We have to file within a statute of limitations. And so, if we sit and wait and wait, then we’re frankly committing legal malpractice.”

Prominent Democratic lawmakers, strategists, and donors, however, do not seem to be actively supporting the lawsuit. Two major Democratic donors told freelance reporter Yashar Ali they were not pleased with the move.

California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer she (sic) the lawsuit is “ill conceived” and that she “was not supportive of it.”

Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, a member in a tough reelection campaign, was reported to have distanced herself from the lawsuit as well. According to a reporter at The St. Louis Dispatch, McCaskill called it a “silly distraction.”

Democratic political consultant best known for being President Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod agreed tweeting that the suit is a “sideshow.”
Some defendants in the suit will be difficult to get service against, and others who have been sued are already looking forward to getting a look at DNC records and the computer that was allegedly hacked.   Others like Wikileaks are also pointing out that they are being sued for pointing out how the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.  If the Democrats are seeking equitable relief that may preclude it under the "clean hands" doctrine.


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