The anti-Trump media is making another mistake by thinking Trump's 'lawyer' is the key to taking him down

Washington Post:
The White House can’t hide Trump’s worry about Michael Cohen

The White House appears to be leaving open the door to a presidential pardon — which would only be necessary if there were a crime to pardon.
I have strong doubts that Michael Cohen has any information to trade prosecutors about Trump.  The nature of Trump's business is too big and too involved with banks and other lenders that a single lawyer could help him commit a crime if either was so disposed.

As a former General Counsel to an investment banking firm and later a retailer with nearly a thousand stores, I can assure you that when a financing of a residential tower or hotel is taking place there will be a room full of lawyers representing several parties to the transactions and  stacks of documents that have to be reviewed and signed. 

There will lawyers assigned to do "due diligence" to document the representation and warranties being made to the lenders and any aspect of the deal that would make it possible that the debt will not be paid or ensure that the developer has good title to the property being developed and has done appropriate studies to demonstrate its feasibility.

I do not know if Cohen did any of that type of work for Trump.  It is typically undertaken by a large law firm that can muster a pool of talent to put the thing together.  But even if he were doing it, the talent pool of other lawyers representing the other parties to the deal would make virtually impossible for Cohen or Trump to do something untoward even if wither was so inclined.

I suspect a Presidential pardon would be considered of Trump concluded that Cohen was being treated unfairly.


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