North Korea decides nuclear missiles aren't worth the trouble they cause regime

Washington Post:
North Korea’s Kim says he will suspend nuclear and missile tests, shutter test site

The surprise announcement came less than a week before Kim Jong Un is due to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, a precursor to a meeting between Kim and President Trump. Tests will be suspended starting Saturday, according to the Korean Central News Agency. Analysts noted that the announcement made no mention of giving up its program, simply signaling a freeze.
Kim has also said he can live with US troops remaining in South Korea.  These concessions are a prelude to a meeting with the South Korean President to work on a peace treaty and a later meeting with President Trump.  This all looks like a win for the Trump administration and a loss for critics of the President's handling of the situation.  It is probably too early for a mea culpa from the anti-Trump media but it is yet another hit to their credibility.


  1. Kim Jung-un has put himself in an almost no-win situation. He cannot carry out nuclear tests, because the mountain he used to conduct tests are on the verge of Collapsing. Chinese government warned him not to conduct a new tests. If the mountain collapses radioactive material will be released into the atmosphere!

    Trump's sanctions have bankrupted his government. The Iranians currency almost collapsed recently. They are not in a position to keep funding his Nuclear, Missile test. Trump made it clear; that sanctions will remain in place until North Korea makes major concessions. All of this occurred after he visited China.


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