Whistleblower with ties to Biden and Susan Rice also believed to fear unraveling of Ukraine-Democrat collusion against Trump

Elizabeth Vaughn:
Independent investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has a plausible explanation for why EC submitted his complaint. Attkisson posted Sperry’s report on her blog and wrote, “If the reporting is correct, it implies the “whistleblower” could have been worried Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukraine’s interference in US elections in 2016.

It’s very possible. Attorney General William Barr had publicly expressed his opinion that the Trump campaign had been spied upon. In May, he appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to begin looking into the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation. Being an intelligence community insider, he no doubt had access to non-public, classified information.

On a recent radio show, Rush Limbaugh told listeners he sees this as a race between impeachment and a Durham indictment.

EC may have come up with the original idea, but he required assistance. Recall the last minute whistleblower rule change to allow complaints based on secondhand or hearsay information instead of only firsthand knowledge. In addition, the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson was very aggressive. Impatient with acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire’s inaction, he quickly wrote to Adam Schiff about this “very credible complaint.”

A former White House official who wishes to remain anonymous told Sperry, “He [EC] was moved over to the front office to temporarily fill a vacancy, where he saw everything, read everything…My recollection of Eric is that he was very smart and very passionate, particularly about Ukraine and Russia. That was his thing – Ukraine. He didn’t exactly hide his passion with respect to what he thought was the right thing to do with Ukraine and Russia, and his views were at odds with the president’s policies.”

A second anonymous former NSC official told Sperry that EC was “accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump.”

An editorial published in Issues & Insights offers an explanation as to why the mainstream media won’t report Sperry’s article aside from the fact that it argues against their narrative. The editors wrote: “If it did, it would have to admit that it’s known the “whistleblower’s” identity all along. And that it knows his biases. And that it’s under no obligation to protect his identity. And, finally, that it covered up his identity to keep the impeachment train rolling.”

And you’ve got to love Rush Limbaugh’s description of EC: “He’s lurking there in the West Wing as an Obama holdover. He’s essentially a spy for John Brennan, and he’s there to do the dirty work of the deep state.”

Limbaugh is not the only one to say EC served as a spy inside the White House.
There is much more.

He is now offering to answer questions in writing form the GOP.  I think he needs to answer them in a public hearing.


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