The light colonel behind the latest coup attempt

NY Times:

Trump’s Twitter War Room Aims Its Punches at Decorated Colonel

The president and his allies have used the platform to frame his defense and attack key witnesses, including Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman.
Vindman's assertions are inconsistent with the transcript of the call and make little sense anyway.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a President using US aid to ask for an investigation of corruption.  None.   Vindman appears to be part of a cabal that is determined to try a second coup attempt against the President.  The NY Times supported the first coup attempt and used anonymous sources to push the Russian collusion hoax and it appears to have bought into the Ukraine related coup attempt because it just does not like the President's policies.  If it really cared about quid pro quos it would be all over Biden's use of aid money to quash and investigation of his sons deal with a Ukranian gas company.

The big difference between Trump and Biden is that Biden was trying to cover up corruption and Trump was asking for an investigation of corruption.


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