After Ukraine colluded with Democrats to unfairly attack Trump's candidacy he was not happy with it

Washington Post:

At heart of probe, Trump’s animosity toward Ukraine

One theme that runs through almost all of the accounts from witnesses who have testified before House lawmakers is President Trump’s unyielding loathing of the former Soviet republic, which dates to his earliest days in the White House. He just hated Ukraine,” one former White House official said.
The lead leaves out the most important reason why there was a problem with Ukraine.  They were behind much of the Russian collusion hoax and helped Democrats perpetuate the hoax.  However, Trump was not antagonistic toward Ukraine's new President in the call he had with him.  He was reasonable and courteous.  His request for assistance in investigating Crowdstrike and Biden were reasonable and not intimidating or coercing.

As usual, the Democrats have attempted to distort that conversation.  It has been a trademark of the anti-Trump media too.  There was nothing illegal or immoral about the call.  What Democrats are trying to do is a treasonous coup attempt.


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