Democrat politicians siding with drug dealers and thugs on the border

Adriana Cohen:
Democrats are the deplorable ones — for putting politics over the safety and security of the American people.

They know that our nation is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, with the drugs poisoning our citizens, destroying families and ravaging communities across the U.S. So doesn’t it make sense to secure the porous southern border — by any means necessary — to stop the cartels from bringing fentanyl, heroin and other deadly drugs into our country?

Of course it does, but self-serving Democrats are more interested in scoring political points with their base by resisting the Trump agenda than protecting American lives.

It’s no wonder voters hold such a low opinion of politicians. Who can blame them?

The partial government shutdown which has put Trump in a corner is the left’s chance to get a deal on DACA as the president has made clear he’s willing to make a deal in exchange for a barrier or wall along the southern border. But partisan Democrats are so blinded by their unbridled quest to regain control of the West Wing come 2020 that they’re willing to throw an estimated 11 million “Dreamers” under the bus — when they could be obtaining amnesty for them.

That’s a gargantuan missed opportunity that will bleed support from the Hispanic community, no doubt.

Then there’s the fact that the Democratic Party, including its leadership, widely supported and voted for billions of dollars for border security — including hundreds of miles of fencing currently in place — over the past two decades, but now since Trump’s involved they refuse to work in a bipartisan manner and support both a barrier wall and additional common sense measures. That’s not leadership.
I think her estimate of Dreamers is probably more than actuality, but it still a valid point that they are being ignored by Democrats.  The deaths from drugs being shipped across the border are significant.  It is estimated that 300 people a week are dying from just heroin overdoses.  That is equal the battle deaths during the height of the Vietnam war.  In the last two years around 4,000 deaths have been attributed to illegal alien killers.  Sanctuary policies of the Democrats have made it difficult for the US deport these people before they commit these crimes.


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