Cruz sees North Dakota delegate selection as a win

North Dakota Republicans selected 25 national delegates Sunday, with results that looked good for Ted Cruz, but were far from certain because each delegate will be a free agent at the national convention.

The North Dakota delegates include a handful of Republicans who have said they will vote for Cruz. But just as many delegates were mum about their plans when questioned over the weekend.

Party leaders make up many of the slots, including Gov. Jack Dalrymple, First Lady Betsy Dalrymple, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and top party donors.

The Cruz campaign put significant time and resources into the North Dakota voting -- as GOP rivals Donald Trump and John Kasich -- and on Sunday evening sought to portray the results as an unequivocal win.

"I'm thrilled to have the vote of confidence of Republican voters in North Dakota who delivered such a resounding victory today," Cruz said in a statement. "As I met them over the weekend, North Dakota Republicans recognized that I am the only candidate who can move this country forward by protecting freedom and liberty. Whether we defeat Donald Trump before the convention or at it, I'm energized to have the support of the vast majority of North Dakota delegates."
Cruz's superior ground game appears to have come through for him again.  It sounds like he thinks the uncommitted delegates favor him too.


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