Cruz continues to outperform Trump in delegate selection battle

Caleb Howe:
Trump Humiliated, Cruz Triumphant: Your Complete Saturday Delegate Battle Results

If you’ve kept count, then you know this means that Cruz loyalists filled a whopping 65 of the 94 spots available on Saturday. And that’s not knowing who, for example, Kentucky delegates may lean toward for their own second ballot choice. So he may have picked up even more than that.

In all, a humiliating defeat for team Trump, and yet more proof of the Cruz campaigns superior ability to operate the machinery of the party, follow and understand rules and procedures, and generally be an organized and functional enterprise. In the business world that’s called being a success. Something the man behind Trump University might understandably not recognize.
The delegates were being selected from five different states including Minnesota  which was previously won by Rubio.  Howe gives you the breakdown in each of the five states at the link above.


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