Ted Cruz makes his pitch to Indiana Republicans

Washington Examiner:
Sen. Ted Cruz, the only GOP presidential candidate to speak at the Indiana Republican Party dinner Thursday, focused his message on victories conservatives have witnessed under Gov. Mike Pence's leadership and how he could multiply those wins if elected.

The Tea Party Texan touted his similar views on social and fiscal issues, telling attendees if they have enjoyed the past few years under Pence's leadership, they should support a Cruz presidency.

"The leadership y'all have seen in Indiana under Mike Pence has been incredibly powerful, but imagine how much better it would be if you weren't doing it with an 800-pound weight on your back everyday," Cruz said, referring to the Obama administration.

Cruz, who has the second-highest number of delegates among the three remaining conservative candidates, played to the state's school choice supporters and praised their program, the largest in the country.
He called school choice the civil rights issue of this century.  Cruz also berated the Democrats for killing the coal industry in the state.  There are few polls for the primary in the state and some private polls show a tight race.


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