Obama ignorant of the negative impact of the EU on Brit security

Sunday Telegraph:
Barack Obama has been accused of showing “woeful ignorance” of the damage the European Union does to British national security, in a growing backlash over his intervention in the referendum campaign.

Penny Mordaunt, the Armed Forces minister, hit back at the American President for his failure to appreciate how European judges and laws on migration undermine transatlantic efforts to tackle terrorism.

Mrs Mordaunt, who has previously worked for the Republican former president, George W Bush, said she agreed with Mr Obama that Britain and the US were special allies who played a vital role spreading democracy and security together through the world.

“Where we part company, however, is in our views of the value of EU membership to this mission,” she said. “In Obama’s view, ‘The European Union doesn’t moderate British influence – it magnifies it.’

“Unfortunately this opinion betrays a woeful ignorance of the practical reality of the EU’s impact on our security, and the interests of the UK and the US. Obama warned on Friday that divisions in Europe will weaken Nato, but often those divisions are caused by the EU itself. Obama confuses collective action and defence through Nato with the integration-at all-costs-and-damn-the- consequences ideology that too often motivates the EU.”

The minister said the President “must be unaware of the alarming weaknesses” that allow terrorists from the so-called Islamic State “to move unimpeded across Europe” are the result of the EU’s “bull-headed desire to take down all frontiers on the continent”.

The European Court of Justice has “repeatedly” undermined the ability of Britain and America to share intelligence and President Obama should simply ask the CIA to “explain to him” why a new EU intelligence agency will help, she said.
Obama believes strongly in the cult of collectivism which limits action to what the most reluctant party will do.  It has hampered US foreign policy since Obama was elected.  It is especially pernicious in the EU with its "human rights" wacko judges who believe more in terrorists' rights than in collective security.  As I have mentioned before requiring the Brits to not deport obvious terrorist but to keep in the country providing for their care and having to post additional police forces to follow their every move is not in Britain's interests, but it is EU policy.


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