Cruz's long time friend sticks with him

NY Times:

Cruz’s Biggest Backer? His College Roommate, Perhaps

For decades, David Panton has been a source of unconditional camaraderie for Senator Ted Cruz, the guy who extends a hand when the whole world seems to offer a stiff-arm.
This is counter to the meme that many in the media have been pushing about Ted Cruz.  Some may find his strong positions abrasive, but those are people not used to being challenged with such intellectual rigor.

Liberals, in particular, live in a bubble of comfort where they are rarely challenged.  You could see it in the Senate early on where they took deep offense to being challenged on their 2nd Amendment position.  Cruz exposed the intellectual dishonesty of the so-called "gun-show exemption" and the assault rifle ban.  He has done it on other issues such as Obamacare and government spending.

A friend understands the argument and understands that Cruz is not being personal, but arguing the facts.  Even his liberal law professors understood the intellectual firepower of his arguments even if they disagreed.


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