India using lasers to stop border crossings from Pakistan

NBC News:
After experimenting with barbed wire, surveillance cameras and even cowbells and camels, India has now reportedly introduced "laser walls" at its border with archenemy Pakistan.

One of the world's most dangerous nuclear flashpoints, the India-Pakistan border is also among the most militarized.

Both New Delhi and Islamabad deploy more than half of their 1 million and 600,000-strong armies, respectively, on the border.

India is setting up the laser walls to "plug the porous riverine and treacherous terrain and keep an effective vigil against intruders and terrorists" in Punjab state, the state-run Press Trust of India reported.
The lasers appear to be more of an early warning system than a weapon.  They may be effective in rugged terrain.  They might also be effective for perimeter defense of combat troops.


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