Trump lacks the intellect or the character for the job of President

Leon Wolf:
It’s his personality traits – traits that are visible at a first, lazy glance – that make us recoil in horror at the idea of Donald Trump actually occupying the office of the Presidency. It’s his laziness when it comes to learning about the details of the job he wants to hold. It’s his pathological insecurity and vanity (which are two sides of the same coin) which would make him a dangerously erratic commander-in-chief of the armed forces. It’s his repeated egregious failures in character assessment which would make him a terrible person to put in charge of staffing the executive department. It’s his demonstrated willingness to abuse power for the sake of his own petty vengeances – which is horrifying to contemplate for someone who desires the office of the Presidency.

Before we get to the fact that Trump has no ideological core (and what core he does have is mostly liberal), we cannot get past the fact that if you spend five minutes listening to him, it becomes really, really obvious that he belongs nowhere near the office. Kind of the same way that you can tell after about five minutes of listening to Gary Busey that he would be a terrible CEO of a multinational corporation, or that Billy Crystal would be a terrible center for the San Antonio Spurs. You don’t have to actually see either of them attempting those tasks to know that if they tried, it would result in instantaneous disaster.
Trump is actually worse.  Someone unfit to be a center on the Spurs would be a problem for the team, but the coach could at least pull him, but it is much harder to get someone unqualified out of the Presidency, as Obama has demonstrated.   Trump has few political skills and no diplomatic skills.  He constantly confuses insults for argument.  When it comes to the Presidency, he has a weak mind.


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