Texas the top state for domestic migration

Texas Tribune:
While state lawmakers and some presidential candidates have placed a spotlight on those coming to Texas from other countries, the Lone Star State has become the top destination for migrants of the domestic variety.

In recent years, people moving to Texas from other states — rather than from other countries — have played a key role in the state's population growth, according to a new analysis by the Office of the State Demographer. From 2005 to 2013, an estimated 5.9 million people moved to Texas, and 4.8 million of those came from one of the other 49 states.

Put another way: In that time period, Texas grew by an average of 345 people per day, accounting for people who moved here from other states and those who left Texas.

“More than half of our population change is from net migration,” said state demographer Lloyd Potter, whose office provides periodic snapshots of the state’s growth. Though Texas is still seeing strong international migration, part of that flow has slowed as illegal immigration has dropped. Meanwhile, migration from other states has remained steady, Potter added.

Domestic net migration — the difference between the number of migrants leaving Texas for other states and the number of migrants coming to Texas — totaled 154,467 between 2013 and 2014. During that same time period, international migration topped off at 84,637.
There is much more.

California has been the largest source of net migration.  Other states with strong migration to Texas are Florida and Illinois.  Houston, San Antonio, and Austin were the most popular destinations.

The piece has a chart showing the source states for migrants and where they are headed.


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