The vast climate conspiracy perpetrated by the anti-energy left and Democrat AG's

Fox News:
State Democratic officials are facing mounting accusations they secretly coordinated with climate activists to investigate whether ExxonMobil hid the truth about global warming, as new documents show the collaboration went deeper than previously thought.

Emails obtained and released by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute show a number of state attorneys general and their staff received advice and guidance from environmental activists at a March 29 meeting in New York, on the same day as a major press conference.

The meeting included a presentation by Peter Frumhoff of the Union of Concerned Scientists on the “imperative of taking action now on climate change.” Matt Pawa, who litigated against Exxon in a global warming case, was also in attendance, giving a presentation regarding climate change litigation to the AGs and their staff.

The emails suggest a degree of secrecy surrounding the meeting. One email chain shows Pawa asking Lemuel Srolovic, chief of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Environmental Protection Bureau, if he can confirm his attendance to a Wall Street Journal reporter. Srolovic requests he not do so.

“My ask is if you speak to the reporter, to not confirm you attended or otherwise discuss the event,” Srolovic wrote.

Another email chain shows Srolovic and Scott Kline, a Vermont assistant attorney general, even drawing up a Common Interest Agreement, in order to protect as privileged the discussions at the meeting.
It would be interesting to see a counterclaim in this action since the proponents of global warming cannot explain why their projections are so out of whack with observed results.  They cannot say which of their assumptions is invalid and therefore don't know why their predictions are so off base.  If a corporation were engaged in serial failed projections they were not able to explain they might be subject to a fraud claim.


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