The American push for the European Union

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:
The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover
It was not just the Truman administration who pushed the idea.  Eisenhower  saw NATO and the EU as a means to stop another world war and provide a cohesive defense against Soviet aggression.  He was one of the initial leaders of NATO and during his presidency strongly backed the European Union.

However, I do not think he envisioned the loss of sovereignty that would evolve from the union where "human rights wackos" would take over a European court and thwart the fight against terrorism by blocking deportations.  I think that is one of the grievances of those in Britain who are fed up with the EU.  The stubbornness with which the European bureaucracy clings to that nonsense has driven many to want to leave.

Obama's clumsy support for this collectivist nonsense has not been well received.


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