Cruz could get all 155 GOP delegates from Texas

AP/Miami Herald:
If Ted Cruz can prevail in Indiana and keep alive his slim hope of denying Donald Trump enough delegates to secure the Republican presidential nomination outright, Texas' full slate of delegates will be poised to help him become the party's White House contender.

Cruz won 104 of his home state's 155 GOP delegates in the March 1 primary, but his supporters should so dominate the delegation of Texans attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July that all would likely back him if a multi-round floor fight breaks out.

"I don't know if all of them will be, but I can tell you that a very large majority will be" Cruz supporters, said Eric Opiela, the Republican Party of Texas' assistant general counsel, who hasn't endorsed any presidential candidate.
There is more.

This is another case of Cruz's superior organization skills overwhelming Trump at a state convention.


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