The Palestinian 'occupation' myth

Washington Post:
Heavy-handed or heroes? Israel border police are on the front line.

For Palestinians, they are a symbol of the occupation. But Israelis say they are brave defenders against violence.
This is a disingenuous argument by the Palestinians.  The border guards are there to stop the Palestinians from successfully implementing their genocidal desire for mass murder of Israelis.  Most of the Palestinians don't even bother to hide this agenda, and their whining about the "occupation" is just part of their propaganda effort.

The Israelis have a much stronger historical claim to the disputed territories.  It is not the "occupation" they are really concerned about but the actual existence of a Jewish state.  They are just a part of the Muslim religious bigotry toward all who reject Islam.  They deliberately try to co-op religious sites from Israel to Turkey, to India and beyond.

It is a mistake to pretend they have legitimate grievances arising from their attempts at mass murder.


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