Paris climate agreement doomed to failure

Washington Examiner:
Republicans are downplaying Friday's signing of a global climate deal by the administration, saying the U.S. could easily withdraw from the non-binding agreement with a new president in the Oval Office.

"Countries that have signed and ratified an agreement have the freedom to act in their best interest and withdraw," a white paper issued Thursday by the GOP-controlled Senate Environment and Public Works Committee reads.

It cites Canada's withdrawal from a previous climate agreement signed in Kyoto, Japan under former President Bill Clinton as a prime example.

"For example, Canada who signed Kyoto in 1997 and ratified it in 2002 withdrew in 2011 — even in the midst of the first commitment period," the paper reads.

Likewise, last December's climate deal agreed to in Paris offers very little in the way of staying power, and offers more "hype" than anything else, said committee chairman Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., commenting on the paper's release.

"It is amazing how little has changed over time," he said. "The Paris agreement, like the Kyoto agreement, is full of empty promises that will have no meaningful impact on the climate."

He says the problem with international climate agreement is they fundamentally ignore basic economics and political realities. This is why the Paris deal is "doomed to failure," he says.
One of the reasons Obama is losing the real war with radical Islam is that he is more concerned with fighting a phony war over the weather.  That war is a tough sell when you consider that warmer winters are nicer and the summers are tolerable.

The climate change lobby is basically another attempt by control freak liberals to use it as an excuse for "wealth redistribution" and more control over people's lives.


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