Palestinians waste lives in futile gesture

Washington Post:
After six months of violence, Palestinians wonder: What was gained?

More than 180 Palestinians have been killed in the past six months — 130 in attacks or attempted assaults against Israelis and 50 during riots and clashes.
This is what happens when a culture teaches hate rather than enterprise.   The Palestinians failed culture is of their own making and is not Israel's fault.  If Israel went away tomorrow the Palestinians would still be a beggar society motivated by religious bigotry and ethnic hatred.  They are the people who celebrated a terrorist attack on a bus by passing out sweets to kids.

The Obama administration must have blinders on to think that forcing Israel to accept a terrorist state will solve their issues.  The rest of the Arab world seems ready to finally move on, but Biden and Kerry still act like a deal will actually solve anything.  It will not change their culture of hate and their raising their kids to hate.


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