Trump voters backing a loser?

Guy Benson:
Polls: Trump Down 11 to Hillary Nationally, Trails Millennials by 36, Losing in Arizona
I like Guy Benson, but we are not related as far as I know.  But I agree with his analysis of these polls.
One of the reasons Trump is so toxic in a general election setting is that his standing among ascendant voting demographics is horrific. His numbers with women, non-white voters and young people are so terrible that it's highly unlikely that those much-discussed "missing white voters" could come close to saving him.... Trump will not only get trounced with Millennials -- who now outnumber all other age groups as a voting bloc -- he threatens to cripple the Republican brand with these voters, beyond the beating it has already sustained. The only sliver of hope in all of this is that Hillary Clinton is quite unpopular herself, and she's really, really bad at being a candidate....
Trump may be the least intelligent choice any Republican can make.   I suggest they adopt the mantra, "Vote for the jerk, its important."


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