Laughing at Trump's politics of fraud?

Caleb Howe:
Rush Limbaugh is a HACK Who Thinks Lying Is AWESOME As Long As His RICH BOYFRIEND Is The One Doing It

Well … not really. But that’s the kind of statement Trump supporters make every day about every member of the media (and normal people) who fail to sufficiently praise Donald Trump. They use them as headlines on articles, they write it as tweets and Facebook statuses, the put it in subject lines of emails they send to non-Trump lover websites. They do this because they believe it, and also because they think it will make people shut up and stop opposing them.. They do it to win. And because of that, and because of the reasons that Rush Limbaugh lays out below, they and he should PRAISE me for that headline. It’s a slam dunk.

The truth is that until now I’ve held out on getting angry at Rush Limbaugh. Call it hope. Loyalty. I don’t know. I have this list in my head of people who have been Trump boosters but are still salvageable, or who deep down are truly conservative and by their long history of support have earned this … heresy. Rush was on that list. After all he’s done for the conservative movement, it would surely be ridiculous to throw him overboard for one bad year. Right? But …

But the fact is, you can’t do anything about it when they throw themselves overboard, and Rush Limbaugh has done just exactly that. If it wasn’t clear before, it absolutely must be considered totally blatant now, after the most ridiculous, farcical, intelligence-insulting defense of outright dishonesty I’ve ever seen committed to virtual ink. This is really atrocious. Shameful. Pandering, money-grubbing, off-putting, and many other -ings.

Trump knew about Colorado. You must understand that. He knew and he knows. He and his campaign know the rules, they know how it works. They are not and were not caught off guard. What they have been doing is lying about it. And what does Rush Limbaugh call that lie? That incitement? “Winning.” He calls taking advantage of Trump voters with disinformation in order to unleash them as an unholy weapon against fellow Republicans “winning.” I kid you not.
Trump's fraudulent attempt to justify his lack of  even trying to win in Colorado by making a bogus charge against the process should not be laughed off as clever politics.  It should be called what it is exactly, the politics of fraud.  It is just another example of the con job trump has been pulling to keep his marks in line.  Leon Wolf describes it as an attempt to get the GOP to negotiate with terrorists as Trump's minions threaten delegates.

Rush has often tried to describe what motivates the Trump voters but he has left out the fraud being perpetrated on them by the candidate.  While I may be angry with the GOP leadership in "congress, I refuse to do something suicidal like support a con man.  I don't think Rush would be laughing about a Democrat pulling the same stunt against a GOP opponent.


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