Do Trump supporters think he can win with only 11 percent of Hispanic vote?

Washington Times:
Donald Trump would win just 11 percent of the Hispanic vote in key battleground states in a matchup with Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll Thursday by immigrant-rights advocates that underscores just how intent Latinos are on punishing Mr. Trump for his strict stances.

He has a staggering 87 percent unfavorable rating in the poll, conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of America’s Voice. And in a head-to-head matchup with Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump loses the Hispanic vote 76-11.

Sen. Ted Cruz, by contrast, would do more than twice as well, losing to Mrs. Clinton by 64-29 in a hypothetical matchup.

Overall, Democrats are viewed far more generously by Hispanics, with 47 percent saying the party has become more welcoming in recent years. They also give President Obama high job approval ratings of 73 percent — despite continued complaints that he’s set records for deportation.

Republicans, meanwhile, appear poised for a disastrous showing among Hispanics in November, judging by the poll of 2,200 registered Latino voters.

Many GOP analysts attribute 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s loss in large part to a poor showing among Hispanic voters, thanks to a strict stance calling for deportations. Mr. Romney won just 27 percent of their vote nationwide.

Mr. Trump has insisted he will do fine among Hispanic voters, despite his even stricter stance.
Trump appears to be as delusional as his supporters when it comes to Hispanic votes.  He is also losing the women vote by record numbers.   There is just no case for a Trump candidacy that can win in November.  None.  Besides his problems with Hispanics and women, he and his followers have also alienated much of the Republican base that supported other candidates.  The NeverTrump votes are real and they are serious.

What is so frustrating for rational people is that Hillary Clinton is eminently beatable by other candidates in the race.  A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary at this point.  It is like Trump is part of some Clinton plot.


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