The Trump appeal?

Michael Kinsley:
What do voters see in Trump? His authentic phoniness.
I have heard others try to explain Trump's appeal.  Rush Limbaugh has tried repeatedly on his show to explain it.  It still makes no sense to me.  I tend to see him as more than a phony.  Having tried fraud cases early in my career, Trump certainly has elements of a con man in his approach to politics.  He lies with ease while calling others liars.

He deliberately misleads his followers about the process and they seem to eat it up.  While they are still marks in his scam, I have become less patient with them as the con becomes more apparent.  I blame them for the loss they are trying to inflict on the Republican party by running someone so ill-suited to the job of President.

While I too am angry with the Congressional leadership for their kowtowing to the disastrous Obama agenda, there were sane alternatives to Trump.  Even if Trump were to somehow win, because he is running against a terrible Democrat in Hillary Clinton, I do not think he would be an effective President and would do as much damage to the GOP brand as he will by losing in a landslide.  He is that bad.

Those in the GOP who think it is time to rally to Trump's side must be planning on running on the theme, "Vote for the jerk, it's important."


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